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Earth Force is a non-profit organization that partners with businesses, schools, and community-based organizations nationwide to engage young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities. Through Earth Force, young people get hands-on, real-world opportunities to practice civic skills, acquire and understand environmental knowledge, and develop the skills and motivation to become life-long leaders in addressing environmental issues.

Earth Force involves Community Action Problem Solving or CAPS, a six step process that enables youth to take action in their community. Members from Widener Student Education Association (WSEA) have completed CAPS training and are excited to teach the process to Smedley Middle School and Drexel Neumann Academy students. Earth force is now being offered as a course at Widener University.

Click here for Earth Force and Drexel Neumann Academy photos from the Spring of 2010. More photos here.

Click here for Earth Force and Drexel Neumann Academy photos of upcoming projects. Other projects include the Earth Force Presentations and Car Wash.

Click here to view a slide show of the Earth Force participants completing the six step CAPS process.

Click here to view a short video that Smedley middle school students created and displayed at the Earth Force 2008 Youth Summit held at the Philadelphia Zoo.